Virtual Staging

Starting At $50/Per Image

Virtual Staging

Instead of having your home staged with physical furniture you can have it staged virtually. Staging your home virtually has more benefits than physically. You can provide home buyers different virtual options therefore appealing to more buyers since everyone has a different feel and look for their dream home. Virtual staging can make a room into a kids room, office, or many different options therefore appealing to all kinds of buyers. It also allows you to have your personal items removed without physically removing them allowing for better privacy of your things.

So what is virtual staging? Virtual staging is where we will take digital photos of your home empty or slightly furnished and then using our photo software add the furniture/elements to make your home look amazing. Virtual staging allows people to visualize a house easier and helps sell that home even faster, since most people can’t visualize an empty house. Since virtual staging does not have the same type of physical work like physically staging a home, you can save money and time.

Benefits Of Virtual Staging


Faster Listing Times

When you have to stage a home it take time to physically have someone stage it, but instead you can get your property on the market by having it staged virtually


Having your property staged virtually allows you to provide multiple options, allowing your home to be show in different ways. If you were to have it staged physically you are limited to certain things. Every buyer is different and prefers their home to have ascertain look and feel to it, virtual staging allows you to appeal to multiple home buyers by offering different looks.

Cost Effective

Having your house staged costs more with the time it takes to have it physically staged, potentially being 1-3% of the listing price. By having your home staged virtually it saves time and money, and it is about 1% of the listing price. You pay less and get more options to appeal to all different types of potential buyers.

Did You Know


81% of prospects find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when it is staged.

On Average, Home staging ROI is 586%
Most people make a judgement on a property within 7-10 seconds of viewing it.

Only 10% of people can visualize a property.

Your Listing Will Stand Out!
Staged properties rent/sell faster than unstaged properties
Virtual staging can reduce the cost of staging by up to 97%.
Traditional staging consultation can cost up to $500. Virtual staging consultation costs $0.
Virtual Tours and HD Videos, Carefree, AZ38


Average cost to stage a home is $2,000 to $2,400 a month (source) compared to a one time investment of $250 to virtually staging 5 rooms.

Virtual Decluttering

From time to time you have that listing that has a room or garage full of stuff and you don’t want to leave it out of your listing. Now you don’t have to! With Virtual Declutter you can make sure that you have a complete listing with all rooms. We can even just remove one item from the room to give it a more open feel.