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*Pricing is based on a homes located in our local service area, for licensed real estate agents only, unless otherwise noted.  Additional charges apply for homes over 3,000 sq.ft and/or out of service areas, FSBO, and VRBO

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No Hidden Fees | Order Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you scan casitas / guest houses?

Casitas and/or guest houses can be scanned as long as they are connected to the home and have access to the main home.  If the casita or guest house does not have access to the main house then it will be a separate scan and additional charges may apply.

How long does a Matterport Take?

There are several factors that can factor in to the time it takes to scan a home.  This can include if it is single story or 2 story, furniture placement, if its vacant or not etc. A good average is 30-45 min per 1,000 sq.ft.

Can you edit the scan?

Scans cannot be edited to correct for color cast on walls or windows. There can be some variance in the color of the walls in the scan vs. the actual color of the walls due to types of lighting. The camera cannot be edited out of mirrors.

Can You Use Matterport in MLS?

Yes, we provide you with a non-branded link that you are able to use in your MLS listing.  This same link can also be used to share your tour on Facebook.

Full Motion Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a copy of the video?

Yes, you will be provided a link to download the video.  You can then post the video file to your own YouTube channel as well as upload it to many of the social media platforms.

Can my video be used in MLS?

Yes, LMP 360 Media provides you with the code needed to be able to put your video in your MLS listing.  This is a simple copy and paste process.

Virtual Staging

Additional Options

*Additional option pricing is valid when added to any other service and is based on homes up to 3,000 sq.ft., in local service area. Additional charges may apply for homes over 3,000 sq.ft, out of service area, or if purchased individually.