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Real Estate Photography and Virtual Tours Arizona

Real Estate

How Long Does It Take To Get My Images

Images are delivered within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time.

NOTE: If you appointment is on Saturday your images will be delivered on the following Monday

Can you upload my images to the MLS?

Yes we are able to upload your images to MLS.  All you need to do is provide us with admin access.  This is done by filling out the form and sending it to ARMLS.  Once we receive the log in information we will upload all of your shoots to your listings at no additional charge.  Click here to download the form.

How do I download my images?

  • Visit https://lmp360users.wpengine.com/
  • Enter your username (this is your email address) and password.
  • Click On Your Image Gallery
  • Click on the Album you want to download
  • Click on Download All Images.

real estate photography downloads

Real Estate Photography Image Gallery

Real Estate Photography Team & Brokerage Accounts

We do offer accounts for teams and brokerages.  These accounts can be set up in different ways based on the amount of listings.  These accounts are completely customizable to meet the demands and workflow of your real estate team or office.  Contact Us for additional details.  By using a brokerage or team photography account all of your listings and marketing will have a consistent look to it.

Virtual Tours

How do I manage my virtual tours?

In order to log into your virtual tour manager and manage your virtual tours.

  1. Visit http://login.azvirtualtour.com
  2. Enter Your Email Address and Password
Can I add additional images to a virtual tour?

We do not add additional images to the virtual tours that are not taken by our photographers.  We do this due to copyright law and also the images have to be of certain quality.  If the images are not post processed correctly than the images appear pixelated and distorted in the tour.  If there is something that you want to make sure is included in the tour just let us know when you are booking your appointment and the photographer will make sure that take a picture of it.  The benefit of this is that you have a high quality, consistent marketing piece for your real estate listing.

What are virtual tour traffic reports?

Virtual Tour Traffic reports are provided weekly and provide you with a lot of information.  The following are some of the stats provided.

  1. Direct Views – Views that occurred from the direct link to the tour
  2. Referral Views – Views that occurred from the referral of another site
  3. Each Image and how many times it was viewed
  4. How many times the virtual tour was viewed on a mobile device
Branded Virtual Tour Link?

The Branded Virtual Tour Link is the link you want to use on any site that you wish to show your information and the property.  This link is also suggested to use on any social media sites.  We can customize the branded virtual tours to match your website and marketing.

Non Branded Virtual Tour Link (For MLS)

This is the link that you use in MLS. It has no agent branding on it, and has separate tracking info on your weekly report.

Graphic Intensive Flyer

The graphic intensive flyer includes a background image and can be customized for an additional fee of $25.  This flyer uses more ink when you are printing, we also offer a ink friendly flyer as well. 

Ink Friendly Flyer

The ink friendly flyer is the same layout as the graphic intensive flyer, however the background image does not print.  This gives the flyer a white background and uses less ink as the graphic intensive flyer.

TinyTurls - Short Tour Link

This is a shortened link of the branded virtual tour link.  This is typically used in magazines, newspapers, etc., so that potential buyers don’t have to type a long web address in to see the property.

Virtual Tour Gallery

This is a link to a page that shows every property that LMP 360 Media has done a virtual tour for you on.  You can use this link to put on your website to show your current listings.  This page gets automatically updated every time a new virtual tour is completed and sent to you.  Your logo and contact info also displays on this page, along with a map that shows a pinpoint of each property.

Download Individual High-Resolution Images & Media

This link will take you to a page that you download any individual images from the tour in High Resolution.  This is useful if you just need one image.

Download All High-Resolution Images & Media

This link will download a .zip file that contains all of the images in your virtual tour in High Resolution.  This file can be slow to download depending on your internet speeds.

Download Resized Images (MLS Boards)

This link will download a .zip file that contains all of the images in your virtual tour.  This is the files that you will typically use for your MLS listing.

Download Tour Video File

This link will download a branded video file of the images in your virtual tour.  You can then take this file and upload it to any site that hosts video such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Still have questions? Drop us a message and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can.