Aerial Photography Phoenix, Arizona

Starting at $125

Aerial Photography

Don’t just settle for standard angles when marketing your property.
Aerial Photography can give potential buyers and customers a complete view of the property and surrounding areas.

At Listing Marketing Pros / LMP 360 Media we take the highest pride in our aerial photography and the equipment we use.
All of our equipment is routinely maintained, pilots are FAA Licensed, and each flight is insured.


The Difference With Us

Non-Licensed sUAS Pilot

A Non-Licensed sUAS Pilot has not passed the Licensing exam and is not allowed to legally charge for their services. Thus putting anyone that uses them along with the pilot at the risk of being assessed fines and penalties.

Licensed sUAS Pilot

An FAA Licensed Drone (sUAS) pilot has obtained the necessary knowledge and Licensing to operate under Part 107 Regulations from the FAA in order to operate a drone for commercial operations in the U.S.A. The test that is given covers a wide variety of questions from weather, sectional charts, airspace, temporary flight restrictions and more. Those that have completed this are allowed to legally charge for their services.

Aerial Photography


What to expect

When your Aerial Photographer arrives at the property, they will want to walk the property to assess for any hazards or obstacles. Once they have walked the property and completed their assessment, the Aerial Photographer will then begin getting ready for take-off. At this point, please make sure everyone at the property remains inside while they are flying the property. This is to ensure that your Aerial Photographer is able to focus on the flight and any obstacles in the area with minimized distractions.

NOTE: The PIC (Pilot In Control) has the final decision after assessing weather, hazards, obstacles, and FAA air space requirements to determine if the flight is safe or not. The PIC has the full authority to shoot a property at any time during the scheduled day without prior notice based on assessing weather, hazards, obstacles, and FAA air space requirements and has full authority to terminate the flight at any time for any reason. Should this occur we will return to the property at a later date to complete the order. No refunds will be given
We provide Aerial Photography for Businesses, Real Estate Listings and More.
Servicing Surprise, Buckeye, Peoria, Glendale, Goodyear, Scottsdale, Anthem, and Phoenix and surrounding areas in Arizona


We will make every attempt to fly on the day of your scheduled appointment. Sometimes mother nature doesn’t always cooperate with us. When this happens, we will contact you ahead of time if possible, to reschedule the shoot. Should the Pilot In Control be enroute or arrive at the property and the weather conditions are not adequate to fly in a safe manner, we will contact you to reschedule.

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